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綠色時刻BUN跑(星期三) Green Hour's Bun Run (Wednesdays)

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Hong Kong Island

Central & Western District

Hong Kong, HKI

Hong Kong

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通過參與綠色時刻的“Bun跑”活動一起來消除食物浪費和飢餓吧! Join us to fight food waste & hunger through Green Hour's Bun Run!

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綠色時刻與麵包店及餐廳合作,幫助減少整個城市的食物浪費。 我們歡迎各種背景的人士加入我們每星期的「Bun 跑」

Green Hour has teamed up with restaurants & bakeries to help reduce food waste across the city. We welcome people from all backgrounds to join us every week for our 'Bun Run'.

為什麼「Bun跑」? WHAT IS A 'BUN RUN'?



Green Hour, an organisation working to alleviate the ever growing amount of rubbish in our landfills, would be crazy to ignore the 3,600 tonnes of food waste entering landfills EVERY DAY in Hong Kong alone.

To combat this, Green Hour has partnered with multiple bakeries, restaurants and other stores to rescue surplus food items from being thrown away and distribute them to those in need.

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  • 提供您的電話號碼,以確認您將會來收集多餘的食物
  • 在營業時間結束前(或您與餐廳/麵包店之間確認的時間段)到達該餐廳/麵包店
  • 收集多餘的食物,並將其直接帶到我們在荃灣的中心


  • 我們建議您帶上自己乾淨的可重複使用的提包,以免造成不必要的塑料袋。 也請小心地將食品包裝到您的提包中。
  • 請保留收據並將其與食品一起帶到我們中心。我們需要記錄收集到的食物數量。
  • 收集剩餘食物,並將其直接帶到如何一間我們合作夥伴的機構。


Simply choose a bakery or restaurant that you are able to visit and register your details. On the evening of the collection, you will need to:

  • contact the number provided to confirm that you will be coming to collect the surplus food
  • arrive at the restaurant/bakery just before closing time (or the time confirmed between you and the restaurant/bakery)
  • collect the surplus food and bring it directly to any of our partner organisations.


  • We encourage you to bring your own clean reusable carrier bags to avoid unnecessary plastic bags. Please also pack the food items CAREFULLY into your carrier bags.
  • Please keep the receipt and bring it with the food items to our centre. We need to keep record of the amount of food collected.
  • Please wear comfortable clothes as some locations are not necessarily close to public transport.

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1. 剩餘食物衛生安全嗎?Is the surplus food safe?


We will only collect food surplus that is usually 2-3 days before the date of best before communicated with the donors. We will make sure they are distributed within a day after collection.

2. 我們將食物帶到哪裡? Where do we bring the food items?


Once the food items are collected you will need to bring them to one of our community partners who will distribute the items amongst the local grassroots community the following morning.

3. 我們什麼時候收到門票?When do we receive our tickets?


Tickets will be emailed 1 day before the Bun Run.

4. 如果我晚上有問題怎麼辦?What if I encounter a problem on the night?


If you have any issues on the evening you can contact us via the details below.

5. 我可以從餐廳/麵包舖店提供食物捐贈。 我能做什麼?I can provide food donations from a restaurant/bakery not partnered with Green Hour. What should I do?


If you are able to donate food items that are not from our partner restaurants / bakeries then please get in touch at least 24 hours before our Bun Run to ensure that we can effectively collect any potential food donations.

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The Bun Run will be CANCELLED if No.8 Storm Signal (or above), Red Rainstorm Warning Signal or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is hoisted or in force. Otherwise, it should still go ahead.


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions/suggestions!|

Phone: (+852) 2177 7790|WhatsApp/Signal: (+852) 6360 5054

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Hong Kong Island

Central & Western District

Hong Kong, HKI

Hong Kong

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