“Birds of a Feather” Christina Tung Solo Exhibition 《羽翀翀 · 毛鬙鬙》 董慧個展

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Christina Tung, being in the field of finance for 29 years, has been into art for most of her life. Visit us for her latest Feather Series.

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Christina Tung, being in the field of finance for 29 years, has been into art for most of her life. Since 2010, Christina has been studying ceramics, Chinese ink and calligraphy under the tutelage of Ms. Janet Tso, Master Lam Tian Xing, Master Lam Wu Fui, and Mr. Cheung Sing Kwo. In 2018, she was selected to be one of the fifteen students in Southeast Asia to attend the “Contemporary Ink Artists Summit Program” at Shanghai Institute of Visual Art (SIVA) under the guidance of Master Liu Kuo-sung, Father of Modern Ink Painting, and Shi Mo, first national artist in China.

Christina’s Feather series reflects her aspirations and experience in life. Having read the Tao Te Ching by Chinese philosopher Laozi, Christina has come to realise the value in feathers. Feathers do not strive for greatness, yet they achieve greatness. There is no inherent life-force to speak of in feathers, yet they embody the spirit of birds. It is an eloquent testament to Laozi’s notion of achieving greatness by not claiming greatness. Another belief pushed forward by Laozi is the wisdom in being soft. In his view, being soft does not mean weakness or vulnerability. Rather, it means being malleable and adaptable. Greatness often comes by in softness, as the essence of water does. Water flows downwards in nature while feathers upwards. This contrast is an interesting one and the underlying philosophy is what Christina’s works are really about.

The feathers in Christina’s paintings come together in many forms. Sometimes they fly freely through the sky, as if they are unfettered by mundane restraints and concerns. Other times they are self-driven with perseverance to go beyond time and space towards true freedom. People come and go. It is the natural course of things. If we let it be and let it go, we may finally breathe and feel the joy of just being. This is what Christina hopes viewers will see in her works.

Christina has further developed the Feather series with the use of leather as medium. In 2020, she earned the winning design for international luxury brand Salvatore Ferragamo shoe design, which she then hand-painted on the brand’s iconic Viva ballet flats. After learning techniques of applying paint on leather on her own, she found the durable and smooth nature of leather makes an unexpectedly ideal substrate. When combined with the soft nature of feathers, it exudes a classy and sophisticated appeal. You may get an exclusive chance to take a closer look at this unique pair, hand-painted by Christina, at her solo exhibition in Cheer Bell Gallery.

Being in the finance industry for such a long time gave Christina a few glimpses on the seamy side of life. People spent lifetime in pursuit of wealth, but lost themselves in the process. With art creation, Christina hopes to take a break from reality, create a utopia to call her own, and seek out the transcendentals of truth, goodness and beauty.

Try imagining yourself as a feather while you appreciate Christina’s works. Where will you go? What do you see?

Let the exhibition take you to your own surreal world on a whole new spiritual level.

The opening of “Birds of a Feather” Christina Tung Solo Exhibition will be held at 3:30 pm on 3 April 2021 (Saturday) with the artist’s presence. You are cordially invited to visit us. Be sure to plan your visit and make an appointment with us in advance.

Opening: 3:30 pm on 3 April (Saturday)

Exhibition Period: 3 to 28 April 2021 (Open on 5 & 6 April - Public Holiday)

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 11 am - 7 pm

Venue: Cheer Bell Gallery, Unit 1602, Global Trade Square, 21 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong

By Appointment Only: (852) 2341 8899

盈鑾畫廊新猷 《羽翀翀 · 毛鬙鬙》董慧個展





董慧亦把她的獨特創作,在羊皮上精彩展現。2020年董慧的羽毛彩墨畫作喜獲世界著名時尚流行品牌 Salvatore Ferragamo(薩瓦托 ‧ 菲拉格慕)青睞,在品牌的經典女裝羊皮平底鞋上,繪畫她的羽毛創作而獲奬。董慧自學並掌握在皮革上繪畫使用的素材及技巧後,發覺皮革柔軟耐用的肌理特質、碰上輕柔的羽毛,作品締造出強大張力,既雅致细腻、柔和清逸又帶有懷舊的味道。是次展覽將罕有地展出此經典創作,與觀眾一同分享羊皮上的喜悅。




誠邀 閣下蒞臨參觀是次《羽翀翀 · 毛鬙鬙》展覽,開幕日期定於2021年4月3日(星期六)下午3時半,藝術家董慧會在開幕當天駐場,歡迎撥冗光臨,預約參觀。

展覽開幕: 2021年4月3日(星期六)下午3時30分

展覽日期: 2021年4月3日至28日(4月5日及6日公眾假期照常營業)

開放時間: 週一至週六 早上十一時至晚上七時

地點: 香港黃竹坑道21號環匯廣場1602室 盈鑾畫廊

只限預約參觀,請致電 (852) 2341 8899

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