Al Tei-World War I Chants-Various Instruments and Vocals Concert-FREE EVENT

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Youth Square Y Theatre (next to Chai Wan MTR station, exit A)

238 Chai Wan Road

Chai Wan, Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong

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Annachiara Belli - violin

Pina Sabatini - guitar, voice, percussion

Andrea Da Cortà - diatonic button accordion, mandolin, dulcimer, clarinet, percussion

Sandro Del Duca - flutes, voice

Mauro Canton - double bass

On the centenary of the end of the First World War, the Al Tei group intends to bring the audience on a musical journey that through the arrangement of some of the most beautiful songs from the war and Alpine repertoire leads to a serious reflection on the historical, cultural, social and anthropological implications of this tragic event.

"Al Tei" in Ladin means "linden", the tree that the Celts used to plant in the centre of the village at the birth of a new community. At Tei means common values of belonging, closeness of geographically distant cultures that can tell the same story.

The Al Tei group was formed in 1999 under the branches of the symbolic linden, from the union of musicians coming from experiences, backgrounds and interests in some cases radically different. An encounter of diverse genres and styles that shape the originality of the group.

The innovative and unique set of original compositions originates from a deep, serious historical and musical research in the field of popular and folk music. It starts from the Dolomites, from the province of Belluno (Italy), to extend its branches to the whole European popular tradition. Over the years, a repertoire presenting a great variety of themes, melodies, music and popular songs was born and developed from the love of the research on tradition. These songs and themes were recovered, arranged and re-proposed in a personal way, also thanks to the variety of instruments accompanying the vocals, which give life to intense sounds: Celtic harp, guitar, flutes, diatonic accordion, dulcimer, bagpipes, percussion, violin, mandola, double bass, and others, according to the formation.

The long artistic activity of Al Tei, filled with curiosity, passion, readiness for dialogue and willingness to listen, led to the production of a dozen CDs and to numerous performances in Italy and abroad, in theatres, halls, churches, castles, all the way the most prestigious festivals and shows.


"If I were a swallow..."

1914 -18 Songs of war, life and suffering

Ten years after the end of the first World War Al Tei presents to the public a musical journey across the most beautiful songs of the war popular repertoire. The goal is to encourage people to reflect on the historical, cultural and social imlplications of this tragic event. The enormous tragedy of the World War I represents a turning point for the modern west society, which has transformed itself from a still archaic and rural world into a disillusioned and wounded one.

The extremely vast musical production linked to the war witnesses that also music was severely influenced by the conflict. Ancient songs of the popolar culture are taken and reshaped in order to express suffering, grief, anger, homesikness, but also triumphalism and excitement. The origins of these songs go back to ballads and folk melodies, that become war songs through the use of new texts, related to what is happening. Music for the soldiers and also for the people waiting at home was the only way to feel consolation, love, encouragement in such a desperate situation.

The songs selection wants to provide the public with a wide range of scenaries and emotions, that can somehow explane the war phenomenon from a human point of view. The concert aims to show how, in the most terrible tragedies of the hisory, popular culture survives and transforms itself continuously to create an outstanding repertoire of aesthetic, historical, human and emotional value.

- Fuoco e mitragliatrici

- Monte Canino

- Ta pum

- Ai preat

- Dove sei stato mio bell'alpino

- Marcette

- Ti ricordi la sera dei baci

- Ponte di Perati

- Monti Scarpazi

- Stelutis alpinis by Arturo Zardini

- Bombardano Cortina

- Gorizia

- Monte Pasubio by Bepi De Marzi

- Oh Dio del cielo

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Date and Time


Youth Square Y Theatre (next to Chai Wan MTR station, exit A)

238 Chai Wan Road

Chai Wan, Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong

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