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Airsoft - Op Market Garden 2017 市場花園行動 限150人 BB彈野戰任務

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Hong Kong

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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On the 19th September, 1944, the First Allied Airborne Army and the British XXX Corps have launched a air-land military operation in the Neatherlands, then under Nazi Germany control. The objective was to strike and capture and hold two strategic bridges on the Rhine River, the last obstacle before marching into the German mainlands. It was hoped this operation will enable very rapid manouver of the Allied Forces into Germany and to quickly end the war in Europe......

Sponsored by: Krafter's Milsim Tactical, IME Education, HKTFA


贊助: Krafter's Milsim Tactical, IME Education, HKTFA

We aim to organize entry-level mission games for general airsofters. We used advanced management and data analytics in fair teamming and maintaining fair play in for our large number of participants.

Our Previous events

Application form:
Payment - Eventbrite:
Payment - ATM deposit:
1.Shanghai Commercial Bank
355-82-056-232 (Day Army Intl (HK) Ltd)
2.HSBC 082-754-441-292 (Lau K.H.)

Date and time:
15th October 2017 (Subday), 0845 - 1700

Armed Force Out Bound Training

Head Count: 150

1) AEG: below1.55j, lower than 20rof, magazines should not carry more than 600 rounds in total for each gun
2) Machine Gunner (Up to 10 per team, have to apply when registering): Same regulations as AEG, Lower than 20rof, no ammo limit. DRUM MAGS ONLY.
**According to poll, we temporarily accepts CA Minigun as "MG" as a gesture of support to wargame innovation. We are positively considering to make this allowance permanent but let's see how we go this time first.**
3) GBB: below 1.85j
4) Bolt-action / shotgun: below 1.85j
Only plastic BBs allowed, pistols no CO2, no green laser
We will perform random checks in game. We advise you not to challenge our system.

Players have diverse culture and spirit of fair play


How to "respawn": In the starting points of each teams, there will be one "tomb stone", players shall retreat to their own starting points to sign for a ticket and respawn. Each player can respawn for unlimited times but be reminded there will be a team quota and one can no longer respawn after quota is full. Each platoon-scaled team (24-50 men) will have 50 to 100 quota (amount adjustable according to headcount, game mod and terrain).

We have been successfully executing the following reforms since 2013:
1) Random check on firepower during games, and welcome anonymous complains
2) All team captains and teammates must apply with real names
3) Having fixed instructor and 3-4 hosts/undercover hosts/administrators
Please talk to one of our committee members for track records.

Basic rules of engagement:
1. One shot dead -- include the gun in hand and gears on body, not include shields (if applicable). We usually run lower power, fewer bullets, slower rof. Players should therefore be more aware of gentle hits.
2. Bingo -- only if you can touch your victim by hand. Be reminded any player can deny a "Bingo" and if there are any disputes, we will and can only account real hits. If you want to deny a "Bingo", be prepared for a short-distance hit.
3. Overkilling -- in 2016 we had a large debate and election that decided this NOT a violation of rules. The "dead" has an responsibility to protect himself, identify himself to others and to leave the frontline as soon as possible. Shooter should avoid overkilling but only bound by humanitarian reasons. Repeat overkillers can still be complained but the charge will likely be "poor sportsmanship" instead of overkilling.
4. Blindshot -- Firing at a direction that your eyes cannot see. We do not allow blindshots.
5. Shooting through small holes and cracks -- if the hole and crack is big enough for player to see where he's shooting, it will be allowed (not the "head size" rule which we found confusing) unless otherwise mentioned.
6. Power check -- We do a random check in games, like policemen randomly checking ID on streets instead of only checking everyone once before they become permanent residents. If you suspect an overpower player, please complain with details of suspect including gun model, clothing, body features, locations and other details.
7. Complains -- We welcome complains but we can only prosecute clear records of incidents, like specific time/venue/parties involved. Otherwise we will assume that as the losers' cry. The complainant will be kept anonymous. In the past two years we solved more than 70% of received formal complains. We hope participants will have confidence in the committee's capacity.

Time Table:
To be confirmed

Price: $240 Entry, $40 Bus, Gear Rentals +$100. Cash payers will be charged a $30 admin fee on site. Price includes game, extra equipment, logistics, etc.
First paid first served, please do the booking asap.

Usage of drones and other technologies in our games

Sponsored by: Krafter's Milsim Tactical, IME Education, HKTFA
Organizer: Day Army Int (Hong Kong) Limited
Supporting teams: UT&F, Metro Events

We will randomly check guns that day, and welcome anonymous complains. Please discuss with game managers.
We insist sportsmanship, and request all players to be capable of taking care of him/herself.
We have a blacklist. Please ask if you have a question.

Details will be announced over time. Please mark your attendance first and to know more, you are invited to view photo footages of our Mission last year.

Our interview by South China Morning Post


我們的活動定位是入門級任務game, 對象是普羅野戰友。我們使用進階公共管理技術來管理活動,並用電腦數據分析技術為玩家分隊,以期望遊戲可比較公平和刺激地進行。

中央行政命令:根據投票結果,我地決定報「機槍手」者必需使用彈鼓,或彈盒。不可使用普通彈匣,不可使用普通匣/孖匣外型的電匣。如果你報左MG但不能符合新規定,請通知 Chu Chi Kin 處理。當日會隨機時間點機槍手名,以保公正。


Krafter's Milsim Tactical, IME Education



1. 裝甲「車」成員亦是人,車內中槍都當死。
2. 裝甲「車」相撞為「車禍」,兩車上人士同時當死
2. 場地承諾提供教練,改善執法
3. 增加隨機驗槍次數,考慮全體驗
4. 增大戰區範圍以容納日益增長的參加者數
5. 任務目標設在戰區中央,避免戰線推近起點
6. 技術高超的師兄都是性情中人。安全第一




1) AEG: 每支槍限攜600發彈的彈匣, 射頻少於每秒20, 1.55j 內
2) Machine Gunner (每隊限10支,須在填報名表時申請): 射頻少於每秒20,同火力,無限彈,只準使用彈鼓
**根據投票,我們決定臨時批准CA Minigun當機槍落埸。以後可能改例,先看今次表現如何**
3) GBB:1.85j 內
4) 手拉/散彈: 1.85j 內

價錢:$240 入場費,$40巴士,租裝+$100,現場付現金者須加收$30行政費用。費用已包括入場費,附加道具,任務安排等等

Experiments with



基本「復活」方法:每隊設一「墓碑」(簽名板),參加者中槍後回起點,在墓碑上找一空格簽名,即可復活。每人復活次數不限, 但請注意墓碑空格數量有限,填滿後,就不可以復活。一般而言,每個排級戰鬥隊伍(24-50人)有25至75個墓碑名額 (視乎人數, 遊戲模式,地形,會對墓碑空格的數量作出調整。

我們是有嚴謹管理系統的野戰發燒友。此活動宗旨是舉辦入門級簡化Milsim,讓不同技術等級的玩家能一同體驗Milsim和改善個人能力。上午一槍死熱身,下午打兩節45分鐘有復活制的任務。我們會串連最少兩個戰區進行任務,而且有建全的行政人員團隊和隱形host,設匿名投訴系統,文字記載全日活動進程。並設隨機驗槍,確保遊戲順利而激烈地進行。我們的活動定位為入門級極端運動(Extreme sports),對參加者體質有一定要求。若閣下不適合,但仍有熱誠參與,請選擇「戰地記者」,「歴史創作組」等非戰鬥岡位。



a. 此二重型道具之使用者,一樣中槍死
b. 使用時身上裝備,手上槍支被命中亦當死
c. 死後重型道具就地放低,不得攜返起點
d. 裝甲「車」相撞為「車禍」,兩車上人士同時當死

1. 中槍死 -- 包括手持槍械及所有連帶身體上的裝備。不包括盾(如有)。我們活動一般力較細,彈少,頻較慢,中槍請細心感受。歡迎投訴。
2. Bingo -- 直接用手能觸碰對方身體為準. 注意被bingo者有權不認死,如有爭議疑點利益將歸被告。如欲不服,請作好近距開槍/中槍準備
3. 鞭屍 -- 經大會公開辯論,一致決定, 鞭屍不算犯規。 死者有責任保護自己,死後揮手吶喊,儘快離開戰場。射擊者基於人道立場應該停火, 但行為本身並不構成犯規。 重複惡意鞭屍者有機會被列入黑名單,但原因可能是戰鬥態度惡劣,而非鞭屍。
4. 撩槍 -- 眼不見目標而射擊為之撩槍。禁止撩槍。
5. 窿罅可否射擊 -- 罅位足以令射手看穿目標(即没有撩槍)即可射擊(而非人頭大細) 除非另行通告。
5. 驗槍 -- 實行隨時隨地隨機驗槍制,類似差人隨街查身份證。如有懷疑,請記清槍款,衣著,人物特性,位置等詳情,向執委投訴。
6. 鬧交 -- 與一般搞手相反,我們容許強烈語言,但禁止出手傷人。有任何不滿,歡迎投訴。
7. 投訴 -- 必須向執委清楚交待爭議事件的具體時/地/人/事方可處理,否則當輸打贏要論。投訴人身份將會保密。過去兩年投訴解決率超過70%,希望參加者相信執委能力。

- Umadx 信用卡及網上銀行:
- 入數紙
1.上海商業銀行355-82-056-232 (Day Army Intl (HK) Ltd)
2.HSBC 082-754-441-292 (Lau K.H.)

- 或現金(加$30行政費):
3. 完成後填以下google fform作實

4. 提交Google Form後於120小時內經Whatsapp獲得參考編號booking reference code,請將之保留以作當日活動入場券之用。


(陸續有來) 出戰隊伍 Participating Teams: (排名不分先後)

主辦:Day Army Int (Hong Kong) Limited
合辦:Metro Events, UT&F

名額有限,先到先得。(以Google Form提交的先後次序作準)

團隊報名查詢 John Washington Fung, Chu Chi Kin
個人報名查詢 Victor Yu, Sabrina Lhy


***Photo only for reference***

Previous expedition to Moscow


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Participants are required to apply with their full names and phone numbers. There are no legal requirement on age for airsoft. All participants under age 18 must have parental consent before attending.

What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Bus: From and to Kwong Wah Street (Gun Street), Yau Ma Tei. 0845 fall in, bus will leave 0900 with or without you.

Parking: Yes. Please fill in your car plate number(s) at our application google form

What can I bring into the event?

BB toy guns as specified above.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please private message any of our co-hosts on our facebook event.

Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

Please private message any of our co-hosts on our facebook event to update bio of new attendants

Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends?

No. But after you amend names with us, yes.

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Refunds up to 7 days before event

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