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Accelerated Learning Certificate in Virtual Training (U.S. friendly timing)

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$450 – $750

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What do your virtual training rooms generally look like? Does it capture your participant's attention and create a learner centric space?

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About Accelerated Learning and this new Certificate program:

Accelerated Learning (AL) is a total system for speeding up and enhancing both, design and learning processes. Based on the latest brain research, it is a proven methodology to increase learning effectiveness while reducing costs and time in the process. We have all been affected by COVID-19, forcing us to move our training online. In times like these, it is important that we continue to create learner centric experiences.

The AL methodology is based on the belief that our learners are the superstars and they are in the driver's seat; as facilitators, we simply enable that process. You might be thinking "all of that is possible in a face to face session, how do you achieve that on a virtual platform". Well, that is exactly what we're offering!

The AL Certificate introduces key concepts that will help you deliver powerful sessions online and at the same time, create an interactive learning atmosphere for your participants. It is not just about adding activities to your virtual sessions, but about designing engaging learner-driven online sessions that create real impact.

You will:

a) gain a multitude of virtual training activities,

b) discover methods to create interaction,

c) adopt design strategies to make your programs learner-centric

While these methods are equally applicable when designing face to face sessions, this Certificate truly delves into the nuances of designing and delivering virtual training.

What exactly are you going to be doing?

As much as we would like to keep that a surprise, we understand (and are counting on) your curiosity to find out more! The Certificate is divided into 7 virtual sessions, each 2.5 hours in duration. We will be diving deep into the key foundations of the AL methodology – the AL principles and the 4 Phase AL learning cycle.

Session 1: The 8 AL Guiding Principles - March 16th 2022

Focus on: understanding the foundational pillars of the AL method with each of the 8 principles being “discovered” by you the learners through different activities. This sets the tone for the learner-centric nature of the sessions and begins your introduction to the different AL virtual activities.

Session 2: Mix it Up! Using virtual tools to support AL based learning activities. - March 17th 2022

Focus on: discovering different virtual tools (Mentimeter, Jamboard, Kahoot etc.) as well as typical virtual platform functions and gaining a basic understanding of their functioning in order for you to begin adapting different face to face activities into virtual activities.

Session 3: Designing Activities for the Preparation Phase - March 23rd 2022

Focus on: developing the mindset needed to design for the preparation phase of the learning cycle (thinking from the perspective of the learners rather than our own trainers’ perspective). More importantly, collaborating to develop virtual activities which can be used to arouse learner interest.

Session 4: Designing Activities for the Presentation Phase - March 24th 2022

Focus on: developing the mindset needed to design and deliver information which isn’t in a lecture format but through activities. You will work on creating/re-tweaking virtual activities which allow your learners to discover/understand concepts or theories without a lot of “lecturing” from you.

Session 5: Designing Activities for the Practice Phase - March 30th 2022

Focus on: developing the mindset to design activities and methods for your learners to integrate what they’ve learnt, during the session. The virtual activities that you will design during this session, can immediately be applied to your program designs where your learners will practice their skills/behaviors.

Session 6: Designing Activities for the Performance Phase - March 31st 2022

Focus on: developing the mindset to create spaces and exercises for your learners to begin applying what they have learnt during your session. You will be designing virtual activities which support and drive on-the-job application of learning.

Session 7: Learner Celebration and Experience Sharing - April 13th 2022

Focus on: celebrating your success in completing the AL Certificate journey. This session is driven by all of you and based on your experiences with how you’ve applied the AL methodology in your training design and delivery. We further develop our ties to the AL community.

Timing: 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm ET (for all sessions)

We believe, as our learners, you will take this learning journey seriously. Therefore, as a prerequisite for obtaining the AL Certificate (yes, there's a certificate and it's issued by The Center for Accelerated Learning), you will need 75% attendance over the 6 sessions and submit a final assignment after session 6. The assignment will demonstrate your understanding of the AL concepts you have learnt and your application of them in your world. We will of course be there every step of the way to support you during this process. Please also note that there is pre and post work for each of the sessions so do budget time for this :-)

Who is this AL Certificate for?

Anyone who designs learning interventions - trainers/facilitators, instructional designers, subject matter experts, teachers etc.

Meet Your Facilitator:

		Accelerated Learning Certificate in Virtual Training (U.S. friendly timing) image

		Accelerated Learning Certificate in Virtual Training (U.S. friendly timing) image

To make learning fun, experiential and learner-driven, book your tickets now!

For more information, write to info@thelearninggym.co

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Organizer The Learning Gym

Organizer of Accelerated Learning Certificate in Virtual Training (U.S. friendly timing)

Our focus is upskilling learning professionals – it’s that simple. Learning professionals are often busy focusing on the needs of their learners, and their challenge is finding the time and the right tools for their own learning. This was the primary reason for the creation of The Learning Gym.

Much like a gym tends to cater to a versatile audience and differing needs, The Learning Gym does the same by offering a variety of formats and types of tools to suit the needs of learning professionals. We offer a one-stop shop to address your learning and education requirements. We provide a space for you to exchange new ideas, learn from proven methodologies and tools and from each other. The end objective is for you to be able to flex, tone and build your learning muscles!

What makes us different? We’d like to think there’s a lot that sets us apart!

We’re “glocal”– we bring global tools and adapt them to the local markets.

We cater to the entire learning project cycle and offer support (through tried and tested tools) for all the stages of learning. So irrespective of where in the life cycle of a learning project your role and focus are on, we are here to support you in being more effective.

We also offer different “fitness tracks” to make you more “fit” as a learning professional. Our fitness tracks work on the premise that a fit learning professional –
• Assesses learning needs
• Engages relevant stakeholders early on and starts with the end in mind
• Designs learner-centric solutions
• Leverages technology
• Delivers with impact and is memorable in the room
• Makes learning stick (by thinking beyond the classroom) and supports post-program application
• Measures and demonstrates results

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