A Journey of Transformation in Becoming a Coach - WILL BE RESCHEDULED

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Central, Hong Kong

Hong Kong

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Sharing and Networking Event : A Journey of Transformation in Becoming a Coach ---- WILL BE RESCHEDULED AND DETAILS WILL BE ANNOUNCED LATER

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A Journey of Transformation in Becoming a Coach

Are you considering a second career or have just made the bold move to become a professional coach?

Establishing yourself as a coach can be a tricky business and pretty lonesome too. Luckily for us, we’re coaches!

Many people suffer from job burnout but making the decision to change careers can be a bit overwhelming especially after decades of career building.

We have invited two brave and successful HKICC members with very different backgrounds, who have both made the leap to study up on their skills and credentials and become a coach as their second career.

Natina and Finn will share experiences and answer questions about their journeys so far and we will open the forum to everyone so we can get right into questions like:

Where do you want your coaching to take you?

How much should I charge for coaching?

How do I find clients?

Am I worthy to coach successful people?

How do I find my niche?


Ms Natina Wong

• I’ve been a senior executive in the corporate real estate field for more than 20 years.

• I managed a great diverse team of people to oversee huge property portfolios for my clients. Every day I got to handle different challenges and worked strategically to identify solutions for my clients.

• In the past two decades, I’ve never stopped solving issues for others. My life changed until one day when I read a book and it says “Life is essentially an endless series of problems…”. This resonated with me so much as I was kind of being bothered by my own problems. I therefore deliberately searched for options to see how I can get my problems solved once and for all.

• In May 2018, I signed up a “Transformative Coaching” program with an aim to “self-transform”. End up, I have totally transformed myself and reinvented my career to do something I am always passionate about and good at – and that is to help others make a positive difference (be it organization or individual).

• Today, I’m an ICF-ACC Coach. I don’t have a big team reporting into me, but I enjoy very much the enlightening conversations I have with my clients. I love seeing the moments when my clients make that mindset shift, and be able to make sustainable positive impacts to their life after the coaching.

Mr Finn McGavin

• My coaching path started as a teacher in one of the most challenged schools in UK, where I found that my values were at odds with the main remit of my job.

• The overwhelming needs of my underserved students were not being addressed by the subject matter I was supposed to teach them. What they needed was skills and someone to take the time to sit down with them and listen. Listen, and be there to support them as they figured things out.

• I moved into alternative education as a leader in a fledgling school in Spain and turned my focus to the unfolding potential of young individuals.

• For the last five years I’ve served several high-net-worth families across the globe and I continue to build my coaching practice, working only with exciting and ambitious clients.

• I’m the coach without the impressive bio. I don’t have a corporate background, a website or even a business card, but what I do have is clients.


Ms Elaine Luey

• I have over 25 years’ experience in business management with a hospitality background, then joined the consultancy field to work with broader spectrum of companies and industries.

• I have held different roles in Hong Kong, Greater China and Asia Pacific and have been a facilitator and trainer since year 2000 with a passion to train and develop talents in a multi-cultural environment.

• With transformational experiences received from professional coaches, I believe coaching skill is essential to support individuals onto the most personalized journey of change and growth. Thus, I joined the coaching community.

• Currently I am serving as Advisor to President of HKICC and organizer for HKICC “Let it Shine” series, a new Coach Development Project building skills, knowledge and confidence of new coaches.

Date: To be announced

Time: 6:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Registration and networking

7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Workshop sharing

8:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Social networking (optional, at own expenses at a nearby restaurant)

Venue: To be announced

Fee: HKICC members HK$ 100, non HKICC members HK$250

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Date and Time


To be announced later

To be announced later

To be announced later

Central, Hong Kong

Hong Kong

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