HK$499.75 – HK$6,477.50

5-Day Forrest Yoga CET / Forrest 瑜伽持續進修5日培訓 with Sin Hee Ye

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The Yoga Room

104 Jervois Street

Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong

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This training is for continuing growth and refining teaching skills for yoga teachers / enthusiasts of any style or background in this unique 5-day training. This training comes with a comprehensive manual by Forrest Yoga.

Each morning you will experience an American Indian ceremony of calling for direction which is inviting energy of protection and holding sacred energy for you and the space. This will be followed by an invigorating morning practice.

If you are not joining the full training but would like to attend the morning practice (2.5-hrs) only, we are pleased to offer the following options:

- Single class drop-in $480HKD (1 morning session)
- All Weekend classes $880HKD (2 morning sessions)
- ALL classes $2,000HKD (5 morning sessions)

** No early-bird / discounts offered on morning intensives **

There will be a daily 90min lunch break followed by 4-hrs of Forrest Yoga Immersion training every afternoon covering the following topics:

DAY 1: Learn Forrest Yoga basic moves, Forrest Yoga Hands on assists and Basic teaching Formula. You will be teaching poses and receiving feedback based on the Forrest Yoga teaching formula.

DAY 2: Learn on healing injuries Circle and Forrest Yoga Hands on assists. You will be teaching in 2 groups and receiving feedback based on Forrest Yoga teaching formula.

DAY 3: Learn Wheel assists and you will be teaching in 2 groups and receiving feedback based on Forrest Yoga teaching formula. Q & A on Sequencing, Practice Sequence a back bend class, Teacher breaks down the backbend class sequence.

DAY 4: Q & A on Sequencing, you will be teaching in 2 groups and receiving feedback based on Forrest Yoga teaching formula, Hands on Assists.

DAY 5: Personal & Professional Ethics, Learn to set up and teach private yoga classes, You will teach 1-1 private yoga class,Truth speaking feedback.

$5,760HKD (Early-bird price - ends on 15th December 2017)
$6,400HKD (Full-price - from 16th December 2017)

** Get an additonal 15% off your tuition if you are a Forrest Yoga graduate or mentee (please email us for application process) **



Sin Hee has been actively working as a Forrest Yoga Guardian since 2007. Her teaching and mission have been evolving through changes in life. Living daily life gets all of us in repeating patterns and numbs us in unhealthy ways.

Sin Hee’s inspiration is teaching Forrest Yoga and reminding students to have intent and wear that intent everyday with courage to walk the healing journey.

She has been expanding her teaching in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, USA and Hong Kong, including Asia Yoga Conference for the last few years. As a Guardian, it is exciting to witness the growth of Forrest Yoga throughout the world. Sin Hee has insightful knowledge of both anatomy and bodywork. She offers vast knowledge in working with injuries from repetitive motions from yoga, sports, and daily life.

Please call The Yoga Room (852) 2544-8398 or email for more info.

Forrest 瑜伽持續進修5日培訓

本次培訓是專為已具有任何風格或背景的瑜伽教師所舉行, 進行5日持續發展和進修的教學技能培訓。培訓課程將提供Forrest Yoga綜合手冊。

每天早上將由美國印第安人帶領進行崇拜四方的禮拜以取得保護神的能量, 並為各位學員與所處空間加持神聖的能量 – 崇拜時間2.5小時


下午的課諥將會每天進行4小時, 每日具體安排如下:



第4天:排序問答,學員分2組進行教學,並收集各位學員關於Forrest瑜伽教學方式, 輔助方式的意見反饋,

第五天:學習個人和職業道德,教授有關私人瑜伽課的設置與教學,學員試教單對單私人瑜伽課,學員提供完全真實的課程意見反饋, 以及個人靈性在進修歷程中的需要

港幣$5,760 (早報名優惠價格 - 截止日期2017年12月15日)
港幣$6,400 (正價 - 由2017年12月16日開始)

** FORREST 瑜伽畢業生或MENTEE證書持有者可享額外15%折扣優惠, (如需申請折扣請電郵相關資料) **



Sin Hee自2007年以來一直積極擔任著Forrest瑜伽監護人的角色。她的教學和使命一直通過生活的變化而演變。 每天的日常生活讓我們所有人進入一種重複模式,並以不健康的方式麻木我們。

Sin Hee的靈感來自於教導Forrest瑜伽,並提醒學生有意識的在日常生活中運用這種意圖,充满勇氣的走過治愈之旅。

她一直致力於擴大FORREST 瑜伽在香港,新加坡,泰國,印度尼西亞,澳大利亞和美國的教學。 作為一名監護人,看到FORREST瑜伽在全球範圍內的不斷成長令人激動。 同時Sin Hee對解剖和人體結構都有深刻的了解, 她拥有豐富的知識來應對瑜伽,運動和日常生活中重複動作所造成的傷害。

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Date and Time


The Yoga Room

104 Jervois Street

Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong

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