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你有想過你也可以應用人工智能解決身邊的社會及環境問題嗎? How would you make use of Artificial Intelligence to solve the socio-environmental challenges around us?

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賽馬會社區創新智能共學計劃—人工智能應用挑戰日 image



  • 第一步:與用家傾談,認識問題,決定你要解決什麼問題
  • 第二步:發揮創意!探索不同方案的可行性
  • 第三步:運用不同的人工智能工具及應用程式,測試並改變你的想法
  • 第四步:最後,向評判介紹你的點子吧!





賽馬會社區創新智能共學計劃—人工智能應用挑戰日 image



時間:9:30am - 12:45pm (6月25日) | 9:30am - 12:30pm (6月26日)







成功報名的團隊或學生將會收到由MakerBay Foundation發出的確認電郵,請留意完成Eventbrite的登記並不代表成功報名。



賽馬會社區創新智能共學計劃—人工智能應用挑戰日 image


Makerbay Foundation項目經理

Makerbay Foundation相信每個人都可以學習動手製作東西。我們一直致力培養大眾的創客技能和思維,以便應對社會和環境挑戰。陳思朗先生在Makerbay Foundation領導「賽馬會社區創新智能共學計劃」,幫助基層家庭的青少年應用人工智能技術和硬件,配合創客技能及思維,解決社會和環境問題。


香港理工大學賽馬會社會創新設計院 社會項目經理 / 社會項目小組主管






賽馬會社區創新智能共學計劃—人工智能應用挑戰日 image

Learn, practice and apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create solutions that will improve the life quality for elderly people on the Challenge Day!

What to expect?

You will go through a journey of developing innovative ideas with your teammates gradually under the guidance of a dedicated mentor.

  • Step 1: Interview the users, identify the problem and decide which area you want to address
  • Step 2: Let your creativity flow and explore different solution ideas
  • Step 3: Make use of AI tools and applications to test and modify your idea
  • Step 4: Finally, present your idea to the judges!

It is not only an opportunity to learn about artificial intelligence, but also a rewarding experience to strengthen interdisciplinary knowledge, train analytical, problem solving and presentation skills. Sign up now!

Why choose Eldercare?

Elderly people face many physical and mental health problems, and often require special support to ensure their safety, dignity and wellbeing.

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to greatly impact the eldercare sector, by reducing the heavy workload of healthcare professionals, interacting with the elderly, providing access to health information, etc.

The students will be challenged to work within this theme, understand the needs of the elderly, and develop ideas for an effective and responsible AI solution.

賽馬會社區創新智能共學計劃—人工智能應用挑戰日 image

Practical Details

Date: 25, 26 June 2022 (Sat & Sun)

Time: 9:30am - 12:45pm (25 Jun) | 9:30am - 12:30pm (26 Jun)

Format: Online

Language: Cantonese (English interpretation can be provided if needed)

Target Audience

The participants will be divided into Senior Primary (for 8 - 11 years old students) and Secondary (for 12 - 18 years old students) divisions. It welcomes all senior primary and secondary school students to apply while priority will be given to those who have attended our Community Workshops.


Participants may sign up for the Challenge Day either individually or as a team. If registering as a team, 3 participants will be allowed. Individual registrations will be paired with other students of approximately the same age to form a team of 3 participants. Your team will be placed in either the Senior Primary, or Secondary division to compete, based on the age of the oldest member of your team.

Successful applicants will receive a confirmation email from Makerbay Foundation outlining the details. Please note that completing registration in Eventbrite does not imply the application is successful.


Winning teams will receive educational gifts, trophies and certificates. All participating students can receive a Certificate of Participation.

賽馬會社區創新智能共學計劃—人工智能應用挑戰日 image

Mr Cyron Chan - Program Manager, Makerbay Foundation

At Makerbay Foundation, we believe that everyone can learn to make something. We strive to develop people’s maker skills and mindsets so that they can address social and environmental challenges. Cyron leads the Jockey Club AI Community Innovation Programme that aims to empower underserved youth & their family to tackle social and environmental problems with A.I. technology & hardware. Of course, with the maker mindset and skillset.

Ms Debby Cheng - Project Manager / Leader of Social Team, PolyU JCDISI

Debby is an experienced non-profit projects manager. As a journalist in her early career, Debby has been trained to be intellectually-sensitive to social justice issues. She then changed her path to work in non-profit sector. Before joining Jockey Club Design Insitute for Social Innovation (JCDISI), Debby was an active social advocate for labour rights, food justice, mitigation and resilience of climate changes.

Debby is now leading Social Design projects to tackle Population Ageing issues. She received her Bachelor Degree in Anthropology and Master Degree in Global Political Economy from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Mr Roy Lim - Founder, Robocore

Roy Lim is the founder of Tung Hing Automation and Robocore Technology. His companies create Robotics and AI solutions for tens of thousands of customers globally. The products include pressure-controlled polishing machine, medical rehabilitation robots, free-forming metal pressing robots, autonomous mobile robot solutions and other robotics solutions.

Roy founded L2F in USA in 2012. L2F’s grit and high-flying profile have earned challenging contracts from customers such as Tesla, SpaceX and Apple, and its revenue has multiplied by 17 times in 3 years. The company was acquired by L2F for nearly HK$100 million in 2017.

賽馬會社區創新智能共學計劃—人工智能應用挑戰日 image

「人工智能應用挑戰日」為「賽馬會社區創新智能共學計劃」的核心活動之一,計劃由香港賽馬會慈善信託基金損助,MakerBay Foundation主辦,透過匯集青少年、家長、學校、社區組織和不同行業的專才參與,以活動方式學習、交流及運用所學的東西去解決社區問題。

As a core activity of the Jockey Club AI Community Innovation Programme, a programme funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and organised by MakerBay Foundation, the Challenge Day will bring together participants from schools, communities, and the industry to learn, play and solve real-world problems with artificial intelligence.

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