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"No Gambling Mascot" Creative Workshop and Competition | HKMMDA [FREE] Join now to learn how to create your own mascot with digital tools!

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目的 Aims



"No Gambling Mascot" Creative Workshop and Competition aim to promote the message of "no gambling" through the "No gambling" themed creation of mascots. Youths can take the initiative to learn more about the message of "no gambling" during the creative process. We also hope that participants' creations can influence their peers to be interested in anti-gambling.

主題 Theme


Design a mascot that expresses the spirit of "no gambling"

如何參加 How to entry

1. 參賽者需介乎12-21歲;

The entrant must be aged between 12 and 21;

2. 於本表格報名填寫參加者的個人資料,並上載港幣200元按金繳交證明;

fill the application form and submit a Deposit of HK$200;

3. 參加一場工作坊

and participate in a workshop organised by the organisers.

免費工作坊 Free Workshop

We will provide free workshops for participants. The workshop will teach participants digital drawing skills and the fundamentals of mascot creation while sharing information on "no gambling".

工件坊導師 Tutor : Purehay 歐陽俊禧

香港插畫師協會會長 Chairman of The Hong Kong Society of Illustrators80後年青藝術家及電繪設計師,香港插畫師協會會長。擁有多年從事動畫及遊戲前期製作的經驗,曾於不同的大學及學院分享數碼繪畫的經驗,現積極繪畫《大包冰室》系列,將科幻機械人元素與昔日香港二合為一,創作出全新的概念藝術世界。He is a post-80s young artist and graphic designer. With 13 years of experience in animation and pre-production of games, he has shared his experience in digital painting at different universities and colleges. Recently, he focus on painting the "Big Bag Ice House" series, which combines the elements of sci-fi robots with the Hong Kong of yesteryear to create a new conceptual art world.
「不賭吉祥物」創作工作坊及比賽|香港多媒體設計協會 image

日程 Timeline

截止報名: 2022年4月30日

工作坊:2022年 7月中旬

截止提交比賽作品 :2022年 10月中旬

比賽活動閉幕禮:2023年 1月

Registration deadline: April 30, 2022

Workshop:Mid June 2022

Deadline of submission :Mid October 2022

Closing ceremony:Early January 2023

🆕現正接受報名🆕 報名表格:

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「不賭吉祥物」創作工作坊及比賽|香港多媒體設計協會 image


計劃包括多項多元化的精彩活動體驗,並邀請了本地插畫師 Momo Leung 、香港插畫師協會會長 PureHay 老師親身教導參加者創作技巧,並會提供一系列的免費創作工作坊以及不賭故事分享,更同時邀請了香港無人機協會主席 楊景賞 先生,親身帶領大家體驗新興E-sport運動 - 「無人機足球」,讓更多學童及家長建立良好價值觀,了解更多反賭博的資訊,如賭博的壞處、正確的理財觀念、辨識賭博途徑。


This event is part of the "No Gambling we soar" Multimedia Art-Tech Creative Program, organised by the Hong Kong Multi-media Design Association and funded by the Ping Wo Fund.

"No Gambling we soar" Multimedia Art-Tech Creative Program aims to discover children and youths' imagination and creativity while promoting the positive value of "no gambling". We will use multimedia arts and technology to guide children and youths to create a wide range of creative expressions such as picture books, mascots, digital drawing, and droneball.

The programme includes a wide range of exciting activities and experiences:

  • local illustrator Momo Leung and The Hong Kong Society of Illustrators Chairman PureHay teaching participants creative techniques,
  • offering a series of free creative workshops and sharing of non-gambling stories
  • The Chairman of Drone Association Hong Kong DAHK will guide participants to experience the emerging E-sport sport "Droneball"

Children and parents could learn more about anti-gambling information, such as the harmful effects of gambling, proper financial management concepts and ways to identify gambling via these exclusive events.

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請致電 黃小姐 3543 0700 或電郵至

For enquiry, please contact Ms Wong via 3543 0700 or email to

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