醒來已是百年身-李繼忠個展|Once I Wake Up, My Body is Old-Lee Kai Chung solo exhibition

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李繼忠個展「醒來已是百年身」|Lee Kai Chung Solo Exhibition: 'Once I Wake Up, My Body is Old'

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李繼忠WMA 委託計劃「過渡」最終章:「醒來已是百年身」

李繼忠個展「醒來已是百年身」,是藝術家為WMA 2017/18 年度委託計劃,圍繞「過渡」主題而創作的項目《復還、繕修與進退維谷》的最終章。是次展覽是繼2019年於WMA Space的「無法憶起 怎樣到達這裏」後的壓軸之作。


李繼忠的新書《無法憶起 怎樣到達這裏》亦將展覽期間推出,一個模糊地理、時間和個體界限的作品。六位敍述者將以不同的語言朗讀書中六位人物的讀白,屆時新書及六本小冊子將一同與絲網印刷的讀白展出。

Finale Showcase of Lee Kai Chung’s Commissioned Project Exploring ‘Transition’: ‘Once I Wake Up, My Body is Old‘

‘Once I Wake Up, My Body is Old’, a solo exhibition by Lee Kai Chung, is the finale of the project The Retrieval, Restoration and Predicament, which Lee conceived around the concept of ‘Transition’ for the WMA Commission grant (2018). It is preceded by ‘I Could Not Recall How I Got Here’ shown at WMA Space in 2019. The latest exhibition will be on view at WMA Space from November 12th to December 6th.

‘Once I Wake Up, My Body is Old’ revisits the seizure of 11 bronze statues by the Imperial Japanese Army from the Statue Square in Central during the WWII and their subsequent return to Hong Kong, a 30-minute-long interweaving of wartime and personal narratives.

In his quest to extend the acts of re-imagining, Lee has organized a series of boat trips to relive the entrapment—and the darkness of transit—during wartime. A video documenting the trips will be later unveiled at the exhibition.

The artist book launch of I Could Not Recall How I Got Here, a work that encapsulates the blurring of geographical, temporal and individual boundaries in the artist’s project. Six narrators will read in different languages of the six characters in the book. The book and the six booklets will be on display, along with silk screen prints of the scripts.


展覽詳情 Details of the Exhibition:

日期 / Date: 12.11 - 6.12,2020

時間 / Time: 12nn - 7pm (星期二至日 Tue to Sun)

地點 / Place: WMA Space, 中環永和街23-29號俊和商業中心8樓

8/F Chun Wo Commercial Centre, 23-29 Wing Wo Street, Central



李繼忠的創作主要關注歷史事件、政治體制和意識形態,透過一系列行為、研究、影像和裝置來回應固有的歷史論述。李氏在2014年於香港城市大學,創意媒體學院完成碩士學位,並於2018年獲香港藝術發展局頒發「2017藝術新秀獎(視覺藝術)」。近年展覽包括:「Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur」(2020,瑞士溫特圖爾)、「進退維谷」(2020,中國北京)、「上海雙年展2018:禹步——面向歷史矛盾性的藝術」(2018,中國上海)。作品獲M+博物館及WYNG基金會收藏。

About the artist

Lee Kai Chung performs artistic research on historical events, political systems, and ideology. Through research, social participation and engagement, Lee considers the individual gesture as a form of political and artistic transgression that resonates with existing narratives of history. Lee was awarded his Master of Fine Arts from the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong in 2014 and received The Award for Young Artist (Visual Arts) from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 2018. Recent exhibitions and projects include “Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur” (2020, Winterthur, Switzerland), “Predicament” (2020, Beijing, China) and the 12th Shanghai Biennale, “Proregress” (2018, Shanghai, China). Lee’s work is collected by M+ Museum.



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  1. 所有參觀人士必須遵照主辦單位、場地工作人員及大廈業主之入場規則及指引,否則會被拒絕入場。
  2. 為控制人流及公眾安全健康着想,主辦方特設入場時段預約系統,參觀人士入場前應預約入場時段。
  3. 因展覽場地為私人場所,公眾須註冊成WMA會員方能進場參觀。
  4. 每個預約登記只限一人使用一次,請選擇入場日期及時間,並提供姓名及電郵地址登記。
  5. 是次展覽所收集之個人資料將用作會員註冊,敬請留意。有關WMA收集個人資料詳情,請參考WMA會籍和私隱政策
  6. 預約時段以半小時為單位,每個時段人數上限為4人。
  7. 請勿攜帶任何有輪轆之行李、嬰兒車、自拍棒、危險品及動物(導盲犬除外)入場。
  8. 場內不准飲食及嚴禁吸煙。
  9. 預約參觀服務如非來自主辦單位指定系統,參觀人士將被拒入場。
  10. 如在展覽當日發出颱風或暴雨警告信號,請留意資訊發佈平台了解最新安排。
  11. 主辦單位保留因任何原因更改、修訂展覽內容及安排的權利,如有更改,恕不另行通知。
  12. 此條款及細則,如有未盡事宜,主辦單位保留所有解釋丶增加及修改之權利,如有任何爭議,主辦單位保留最終決定權。參觀人士謹此同意及遵守所有條款及細則。

Rules for Visitors

  1. All visitors must follow admission rules and guidelines of the organizer, venue staff and building owner.
  2. For the purpose of effective crowd management and public health safety, the organizer has set up a ticketing system. Visitors should make an appointment before visiting the exhibition or entering the venue.
  3. WMA Space is a private venue, visitors must register as WMA Members to enter the venue.
  4. Each appointment registration can only be used by one person once. Please select the admission date and time, and provide your name and email address for registration.
  5. Personal data collected herein will be used for membership registration purposes. Please refer to WMA Membership details and WMA’s Personal Data Collection Statement.
  6. The appointment time slot is in units of 30 minutes, and the maximum number of people in each time slot is 4 people. Visitors must make an appointment one hour before admission.
  7. Wheeled luggages, prams, selfie sticks, hazardous goods and animals (except assistance dogs), are not allowed.
  8. Eating, drinking and smoking is not allowed in the space.
  9. Tickets not issued by the designated event organizing platform will not be recognized by the organizer.
  10. If a typhoon or rainstorm warning signal is issued on the day of the ticket, please pay attention to the organizer’s social media platform for the latest arrangements.
  11. The organizer reserves the right to change or revise the content and arrangements of the exhibition for any reason, and subject to change without prior notice.
  12. The organizer reserves the right to define, add and modify the terms and conditions herein. If there is any dispute, the organizer reserves the right to make the final decision. Visitors hereby agree to abide by all the terms and conditions.
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