我們每個人都可以為地球 STOP BUYING START MAKING MakerBay Foundation 響應世界地球日(的呼籲為我們的社區, 準備了一連串的活動去回應並用我們雙手創做更好的地球Make our Planet better! 為了提高大眾對環境保護意識因而成立的世界地球日定於每年4月22日。 至今已有超過190個國家及地區參加,透過不同的環保行動來改善地球環境。 加入我們的行動「動手做:承諾行動」

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Organizer of #earthday2022
Hong Kong MakerSpace for Social and Environmental Impact We are a cross-sectoral makerspace for innovation. We created MakerBay for makers that range from robotic companies to environmental NGOs, from mechanical engineering to traditional craftspeople, both at the same time, and everything in between. Simultaneously, we have strong focuses on individuals and organisations that are either environmental, social, and/or open-source.